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Gift vouchers

Share the love of dance with a loved one...

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Are you looking for a gift for your loved one this Valentines Day?

Think they might be ready to give dancing a go? Get them a gift card and let them try out a class (or five)! Choose any of our preset amounts or a custom amount.
For ideas, here's what you could get them:
  • If your loved wants to get a taste of dancing 
    • $30 will get them a one hour class in their chosen dance stye 
  • If you know your loved one wants to get their groove one, a term package might be best:
    • $100 will get them 5 x weekly 1 hour classes of one dance style
  • Or, if you want to dive into dancing together, $200 will get you 2 term packages
    • $200 will get 5 x 1 hour classes of one dance style for both of you.


* note that if you click Buy now, you will be redirected to our checkout page with Square Payment.

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