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Ready to Tango 


Argentine Tango

Tango is one of the most iconic dances in the world today, famously emerging from the streets of Buenos Aires. It is an improvisational dance based on four key elements including, walking, turning, stopping and embellishments, typically danced in a hall or ballroom in the form of a milonga, a commonly understood movement of participating dancers in an anti-clockwise direction. Similar dances that emerge from the classical tango, include the looser, faster and more exaggerated dance known also as Milonga.


With the knowledge of our highly-experienced Tango instructor, we aim to shine a light on the fun, energy and connection that Tango can bring to people from all walks of life, and learn the key elements of connection, control and awareness that characterises this impressive dance.

This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of Argentine Tango . It will be designed for students who have never danced before or have past experience with other partner dances. It will cover areas technique, leading, following, posture, sequences and improvisation. With an experienced teacher, you enjoy a friendly introduction to this captivating dance style that is growing in popularity.

  • Introduction to Argentine Tango

    1 hr

    30 Australian dollars
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