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Cuban salsa


Cuban salsa is used to describe a dance known in Cuba as “Casino”, that traces its origins in the 1950s to Son Cubano, a ballroom partner dance, which was later fused with elements of Cha Cha Cha, Cuban Mambo and Afro-Cuban folkloric dances known as Rumba. An adaptation of the dance called Rueda de Casino, later emerged and consists of a circle of couples executing combinations or coordinated movements called out by a ‘singer’ or ‘caller’. This makes Cuban salsa, and its foundational dances very social and engaging.

At Dance On Newy, our aim is to help you learn the techniques and knowledge, and how to apply them as you start or progress your journey into Cuban salsa. With this we hope to open the door to a socially and culturally rich experience, and draw you into the thriving local dance community right here in Newcastle and surrounds.

This class will introduce you to the mix of Cuban and Afro-Cuban rhythms known as Cuban Salsa. We have a beginners 1 and 2 class running consecutively and we can help you decide which one will suit you best.  We recommend beginners, if you have never been on a dance floor or you have danced other styles. Our intermediate class is for anyone who wants to build on the basics from beginners class, or if you have extensive experience in similar dances.


A characteristic musical and dance style originating in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic in the 1980s, this is a rapid, energetic dance style that has roots and influence from Afro-Cuban rhythms and Tango. A more contemporary style, known as sensual bachata has also emerged in recent decades with the emergence of new, urban influenced bachata musicians.


Our aim is to show you the fundamental technical and creative basis for both Dominican and sensual bachata to help understand the difference, similarity and context for participating in both of the two dance styles.

  • An introductory class for to casino, son, and the basics of rueda

    1 hr

    30 Australian dollars
  • Taking your next steps in the Cuban Salsa journey

    1 hr

    30 Australian dollars
  • Fundamentals of the fun and lively dance from the Dominican Republic.

    1 hr

    30 Australian dollars
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