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What we teach


not sure what style of dance you want to learn? You can learn more about our different classes here.

Cuban salsa

Cuban salsa describes a dance known in Cuba as “Casino”, that traces its origins in the 1950s to Son Cubano, a ballroom partner dance, which was later fused with elements of Cha Cha Cha, Cuban Mambo and Afro-Cuban folkloric dances known as Rumba. This makes Cuban salsa, engaging and fun.

At Dance On Newy, we will take you from the basics of leading, social dance, and partner work to improvisation and musicality and the exciting social phenomenon of Rueda de Casino.

We have a beginners 1 and 2 and intermediate classes. We recommend beginners 1, if you have never been on a dance floor or beginners 2 if you have danced other styles and you are joining us for the first time so you can get a feel for our teaching style, class format and assumed knowledge.


A characteristic musical and dance style originating in the Dominican Republic in the 1980s, this is a rapid, energetic dance style with roots in Afro-Cuban rhythms and Tango. Sensual bachata has also emerged in recent decades with the emergence of new, urban influenced bachata musicians.

We will show you the technical and creative basics for Dominican and sensual bachata to help understand and navigate the Bachata scene with confidence.

Linear Salsa

Linear salsa also known as Salsa en línea is danced just as the name says - in a line, rather than the circular style of Cuban salsa. It's a dynamic style of salsa  characterized by linear footwork and distinct partner patterns. Embrace the energetic flow and syncopated beats as you master the art of salsa in this engaging and vibrant dance form.

We will teach you the leads, understanding the music, syncopation, balance and footwork to help you enjoy this style of dance at the next social night.

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